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Bespoke testing solutions for industry, business and corporations

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COVID-19 testing solutions for business

MTD offer comprehensive, scalable, bespoke COVID-19 q-PCR testing services either as a one off exercise or regular testing. This allows your employees to safely return to work and keeps your workforce COVID free.

COVID testing for businesses, industry and corporations - COVID-19 qPCR Testing by Minton Treharne & Davies

Keeping your teams safe

MTD specialise in building COVID-19 testing programmes tailored to the clients’ needs, be it regular frequent workforce screening, confirming isolating individuals are clear before they return to work or providing certificates for individuals so they may travel or attend at clients sites. This can either be a one off exercise or regular “high frequency” testing, from 1 to 50,000 employees.

We are currently working with the UK government, automotive manufacturers, defence contractors, engineering firms, biotech manufacturing, pharmacies, Film & TV production companies as well as office based businesses; law firms, accountants, etc.


Competitive pricing

Unlike many other providers of COVID-19 tests, all our tests are despatched from and carried out at our own laboratories. We are therefore able to offer reduced rates for regular, frequent and volume testing with a fast turn around.

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Bespoke COVID-19 testing solutions

Return to Work COVID Testing

  • Members of staff are now isolating where they have been in contact with a positive person or have been notified to self isolate by Track & Trace.
  • If the individual does not show any symptoms, after 10 days they may return to their workplace.
  • These individuals may have an asymptomatic infection and not be aware.
  • If they return to their workplace untested they may then spread the infection to other employees.
  • To prevent this happening each isolating individual should be sent a swab kit  to use on the 10th or 11th day and return this for testing.
  • This ensures individuals only return to work once they receive a negative result.
  • Adopting this approach helps protect your workforce from asymptomatically infected employees returning work.

Regular Employee COVID-19 Testing

  • Screening for asymptomatically infected employees to stop a mass workplace outbreak and the related impact to continued operations.
  • This may be either individual swab tests or pooling. For example, imagine a workplace with 30 people, one of whom is infected. Pooled testing divides the 30 people into six groups of five. Samples are taken from each person and mixed with the samples from other people in their group. Each grouped sample is then tested in a single combined test.
  • When a pool is found positive, each individual within the pool is retested individually to identify the positive(s).
  • Pooling is a more cost effective testing solution as more people can be tested faster, using fewer tests and providing a significant saving.

COVID Testing for all Scenarios

  • We hold a stock of ready for use swab kits which can be delivered to clients to keep in-house so they are available onsite for use as and when they are required.
  • Testing for travel, including flight
  • Testing for site access – consultants, contractors, surveyors etc
  • Testing prior to a one-off meeting or event.
  • Individual testing where certificate of proof is required.
  • We can provide COVID-19 q-PCR testing for all possible occasions where a test may be needed.
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Still have some questions?

Here are some of the questions we get asked most about our Coronavirus Test (COVID-19). If you can’t find your question here visit our FAQ page or contact a member of our team.

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Do you offer a same day service?

Yes we do offer a same day service with our courier same day results COVID-19 RT-qPCR Test. Please click here to find out more or to order your test.

When should I self-swab?

To ensure best results you should self-swab on the day of posting back to our laboratories. If this is not possible the evening before returning your sample to our laboratories is acceptable.

Once the swab is taken and during transit it does not need special storage or handling, but should not be exposed to excessive temperatures. For example storing the swab kit in a hot car (above 28°C) could render the sample unfit for testing.

When will I receive my results?

If you require your results quickly, our priority service guarantees your results within 24 hours after your sample arrives at our laboratory.

With our standard service, your results will normally be ready within 36-48 hours after we receive your sample. Our scientists will ensure that you receive your results as soon as possible.

Please note – our laboratories operate a limited weekend service. If your sample window requires that your test is taken or processed over the weekend contact the laboratory to confirm testing available with view to scheduling a slot. Failure to do this may cause a further delay of 24-48 hours. Slots are offered on a first come basis.

How will I receive my results?

Results will be emailed to the nominated recipient within 24 hours (priority service) and 36-48 hours (standard service) after receipt of the test sample at our laboratories. An official laboratory analysis certificate will be sent to you via email, to serve as proof of your result.

This report will contain details of the test performed including:

  • Your name
  • Infectious disease tested
  • Date of sample
  • Testing date
  • Test method
  • Results summary
  • Test provider
  • Passport number

What happens if I get a positive result?

COVID-19 is a new, notifiable disease, which means that it’s a legal requirement for MTD to inform Public Health if a positive result is recorded. An individual advised of a positive result, is required to IMMEDIATELY contact NHS119 to explain they have had a screening COVID-19 PCR test which has returned a positive result. The likelihood is that NHS119 will instruct that person and anyone who has had prolonged close contact with them to self-isolate in-line with current government guidelines.

Additionally, we will notify the Department of Health and may require the tested person to provide additional information.

For further guidance please visit the NHS website.

Does the test detect new variants of COVID-19?

Yes all of our COVID-19 RT-qPCR tests can detect all currently known variants* of the coronavirus.

*Information provided kit manufacturer (28th January 2021) and correct at this time

Will I be able to track my sample to your laboratories?

Yes, your postage-paid return box is tracked by Royal Mail. When we dispatch your test kit, we will send you an email with your tracking number which you can track here.

Do I get the results 24-48 hrs after placing the order online?

No, the specified turnaround time is the time our laboratory requires to analyse your sample and determine the result. The specified turnaround times are from receipt of your samples into our laboratory. If you require your test result within a specific timeframe, please ensure you factor in the additional time required to order and return your test kit.

How do I make a corporate or bulk order?

If you require corporate or bulk orders please call a member of our team on +44 (0) 2920 540 000 or email and they will be able to assist you.